Chequered Flag Racing
    The West Coasts Premiere Builder of Racing Triumphs
FP Championship Car with Vintage Auto Racing Association
Built and Maintained by Chequered Flag Racing

Chequered Flag Racing has over 20 Years of Experience with Triumph Cars. CFR Racing Triumphs are consistent winners with SCCA and the Vintage Auto Racing Association. Spitfires are a known force when prepared by CFR.  Triumph Street Cars and Race Cars from all over Southern California are kept tuned to their Optimum by well trained and professional CFR mechanics. CFR has Custom Racing Parts and can perform Custom Fabrication for your Street or Racing Triumph. Check out CFR's site for specials and updates to the all ready successful race proven, reliable products and service.
Be a part of The Chequered Flag Racing Team and contact us now.

Chequered Flag Racing
9833 Deering Ave Unit I
Chatsworth, CA. 91311

(818) 350-6222 Office


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