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Triumph TR4 TR6

Hi I have redesigned a throttle cable conversion kit for the TR4 and TR6. I took a kit that was designed OK and made it fit great. There kit is listed to fit many Triumphs however after trying to installing two kits one on a TR4 with SUs and a TR6 with Stromberg carbs. I found that the main cable location was way off. I tried to call the manufacture three time on both installs with no answer. I spend an extra hour making the repairs to the kit to fit right.  So it cost my customers extra $$$$to install the conversion kit.  There picture shows three slots for the cable yet it comes with only two.  It needs the third slot as the TR4 and TR6 have a fixed throttle pull at the carb linkage. I had to modified both kits in order for the throttle to pull straight. I have fitted this kit to a TR6 with Strombergs and a TR4 with SUs. What you will get in the kit is all the parts needed for installation including nice easy to see color pictures.  Thanks  Joe
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