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Parts Update
25 Feb 08  Got word today that my input shafts for my Race Dog Box Transmission conversion for the Spitfires are out being hardened.  Hopefully I'll get them in a week or two.  Just one more piece in the puzzle.  I have sourced out a supplier for other parts needed for the conversion.  Waiting for prices from him

27 Feb 08  My first run of alloy radiators went well all sold out fast.  I did a second run of one from a different supplier.  This one is a little different .  The first  run was a single tube 1 1/2 the second run is two 1 inch tubes.  Both look great and will be put to the test this weekend at California Speedway. New pictures will be up soon.

28 Feb 08.  I just got word from Tracy at Crane Technology Co inc the water jet company that is cutting my competition oil pans out for me that they are ready for pick up.  Now all I have to do is get some  free time so I can weld them together.  The first one I built my prototype a copy of Steve S. pan was installed on Gary Shumans Spit and it fit great.

14 March 08   Two Oil pans will be in stock right now.  I should have 3 more in next week.

18 March 08    Comp axle kits should be in stock by the end of March.
10  June  08    Comp axle kits took way longer than they should have but I had them in stock.  The only problem is I sold out of the stock I had 3 sets.  Having a long face to face talk with the Jose at SBR he is on the ball now.  I ordered a set of late axles and he had the machined in less than a week and they are now out being heat treated.  Great news.
22 Sept 08  Alloy radiators and competition oil pans selling well hard to keep them in stock.

25 Nov 08  Harland Sharp Roller Rockers selling well also.

02 March 09  Got back to the Dog Box for the Spitfire.  We are installing one for testing this weekend at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana Ca.  Three days of racing should test the box.

10 March 09  Triumph Spitfire Dog Box Transmission  After three days at Auto Club Speedway our test of the trans was GREAT.  It worked perfect not a missed shift at any point going from 120 MPH in 4th to 50 MPH in 1st for turn 3.  It was great to see it pull hard keeping the Spit in its power band with ease.  We pulled it out for inspection and everything looked the same way I built it.  I am on my way to get the rest of the cases machined today and assemble the second one of three I have sold.  More will be assembled soon.
10 Nov 09 oil pan saddle this item is the block that is located between the oil pan and the block at the front of the motor.  I have been using these with all my engine rebuilds with great success.  They are CNC machined out of steel so no more pulled threads when you tighten everything up.

18 Dec 09  Sway Bars  
I have a race proven sway bar setup for your Triumph.  Bar is  4130 Chromoly 1 x .188 wall thickness.  It has three adjustable positions.  Comes with 1 bar, bushings, heims, spacers and bolts all you need is the Triumph.  The front mount will need to be welded to the frame.  Chances are your front mount is hammered anyways.  Easy to install and the best one on the market. 

19 Dec 09
lowering blocks for Spitfires Heralds and GT6 cars.  They are made out of aircraft Alloy I have them in three different thickness.  1/2 3/4 and 1 inch.  They are great to lower the rear of your Triumph. Give it that race car feel.

10 Jan 10   Oil Pan saddle
  I have made another run of the oil pan sealing blocks the fit between the oil pan and the block.  Made out of steel so no worries about pulled threads.

6 Feb 10 Alloy Flywheel 
  I have made a run of Alloy flywheels. They are a a copy of the old Tilton and Muller flywheel however much better.  They feature less rotating mass all CNC .  The best Alloy flywheel for a early Spitfire.  Will fit the small clutch assm.

10 Mar 10  Alloy Flywheels
  I have made a run of alloy flywheel for the Lotus Elan.  The are CNC machined and include a renewable steel insert.  They work with the stock pressure plate and disc.  Weight is 8 lbs
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