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    The West Coasts Premiere Builder of Racing Triumphs

Chequered Flag Custom Parts are race proven to give you that extra reliability over the competition. All these parts have been track tested and proven to give years of service. Some of the items we carry are Complete Racing Axle kits with or with out a Bearing Hub upgrade, Chromoly Stub Axles and Aluminum Front Hubs drilled to your pattern.
All parts are engineered for easy of installation with minimal machine work required on your part.
As with all custom parts please call or email for your Racer Price.
These are a few of them available for immediate Purchase.

**Custom parts are coming out all the time so be sure to ask and check CFR's website for updates!

Parts Description

CFR has developed a rear axle conversion kit for racing Spitfires. The kit includes a 25% larger axle. The alloy hubs are made out of a billet  block of 7071 aluminum alloy. The larger bearings included in the kit incorporate needle bearings that ride on a sleeve rather than on the axle for greater longevity, thus eliminating the chance of ruining a axle. This design also incorporates a pressed sleeve to retain the bearing  no more cuts in the axle  eliminating the Factory weak point. The kit includes everything you need for a race proven install. Kits are available in both narrow and wide track Spitfires.
This race proven design will be reliable for many years of use as all the Spitfire Racing parts designed, raced and supported by Chequered Flag Racing.

Kit price $1595.00 for the round tail cars $1995 for the square tail cars
Parts Description

Alloy front hubs
are made out of 7071.  they are hard anodized and are only 2.5 lbs half the weight of the stock hubs.  I have them for Spitfires and GT6. They also fit other cars using Triumph suspension components.  The hubs come with ARP 7/16 long studs installed. ARP mounting hardware to mount the rotor.

Hubs $499.00

Chromoly Front Stub
axles fit Triumph Spitfire Triumph GT6 and Lotus.

Stub axles $220.00

Parts Description

Harland Sharp Roller Rockers - The name speaks for itself when it comes to reliability. CFR uses these rockers on all our racing Triumph Spitfires. These are available in 1.44, 1.5 and 1.65 ratios. These rockers fit the Stock shaft and can be upgraded to the Billet Pedestals to make a complete race proven Valve Train setup. This is the setup for Higher RPM engines reliability.
Call about a complete Line of Valve Train components, including Custom Manley Valves, Springs, Titanium Retainers and Keepers.

Roller Rockers $289.00

Other head parts please call or email

*Note: Always use with a recondition rocker shaft
Triumph Spitfire Aluminum Radiator-Custom Alloy radiator direct fit made in USA. They feature improved cooling lighter weight and the WOW factor. Some fitting is required. The radiator is also available with a built in heat exchanger for an additional $85.00

Alloy Radiator $399.00
Triumph Spitfire Competion race oil pan- This oil pan was build by Steve S. multiple SCCA National Champion.  It has 10+ years of development .  It features a kickout on the left side,windage tray, crank scraper,built in baffle for oil control, holds 5 quarts ground clearance is the same as stock.

Truimph Spitfire Race pan $495.00
Sway Bar is  4130 Chromoly 1 x .188 wall thickness.  It has three adjustable positions.  Comes with 1 bar, bushings, heims, spacers and bolts all you need is the Triumph.  The front mount will need to be welded to the frame.  Chances are your front mount is hammered anyways.
Sway Bar Kit $275.00

 Lowering Blocks
for Spitfires Heralds and GT6 cars.  They are made out of aircraft Alloy I have them in 1 inch size only  they are great to lower the rear of your Triumph. Give it that race car feel.
Lowering Block $45.95

Oil Pan Saddle
this item is the block that is located between the oil pan and the block at the front of the motor.  I have been using these with all my engine rebuilds with great success.  They are CNC machined out of steel so no more pulled threads when you tighten everything up.
Oil Pan saddle $65.95

Alloy Flywheels- Aluminum Flywheel 
I have Alloy flywheels for the early Spitfire.  These are a copy of the old Tilton and Muller flywheels but better.   They are lighter in weight and feature advanced technology in making them lighter and stronger. 
Alloy Flywheels $375.00

Dual Timing Chain Kit. 
I have the timing chain kit that allows you to set your cam timing in where it should be and keep it there. 
Dual Timing chain kit $325.00
Stahl Header. I now own the Stahl fixture for making their famous Spitfire headers. They are available for the 1147-1300-1500.
Rear Disc Brake Kit. I have a rear disc brake conversion kit for the Spitfire Herald and GT6
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